Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Sent This Blog's Link to Church Leaders Today

As I mentioned before, I began this blog as a forum for healthy dialogue, not for ranting.  Since much of what the blog discusses is trying to express the female voice to the cast of all-male church leaders, I sent the blog's link to some church leaders.  I hope they will enter into the dialogue and perhaps they already have through comments.

I sent church leaders to whom I sent my book manuscript this blog's link.  This included the pope, Cardinal Levada (head of the Doctrine of Faith Office in the Vatican), Cardinal George (president of the US Council of Catholic Bishops), Archbishop Wuerl (Chair of the USCCB Doctrine of Faith Committe), Archbishop Vigneron (Detroit Archdiocese), Bishop Boyea (Lansing Diocese) and some other diocesan church leaders.  I asked for their prayers that my writings reflect authentic prophetic voice.

Please forward the link to this blog to other members of the clergy, if you are so inspired.  Without multiple views, this is a monologue not a dialogue.

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